[Maintenance] Five in a row

Hello, I am developer Wonjohn Choi.

Check Downloads section to get the developed game “Five in a row.”

This page will be kept updated to inform people about any changes in the software.


[Implementation] Five in a row



I am developer Wonjohn Choi.

Although I had trouble of investing enough time for this game due to busy school work, I finished it and the left picture is the screenshot.

I hope from Wikipedia everyone understood the rules governing “Five in a row”.

I had two major java classes: Engine and GUI.

GUI class implements ActionListener interface to respond to the mouse click.

Its constructor builds up all of basic Graphic User Interface that consists of bunch of buttons.

Before a game starts, it asks what size of board does user want to play with and when a game ends, it asks whether users want to play more.

Depends on user’s request, the buttons are added to the main frame in GUI class.

Engine class is used to calculate whether a player wins the game or the game ties.

It also remembers the player who should play a turn for each turn.

Check the source file uploaded in SourceForge to see the inner-comments that I added to explain the details.

I will indicate the website you can download the game and source codes in “[Maintenance] Five in a row” article.

[Design] Five in a row

Five in a row Picture from Google

Hello, I am developer Wonjohn Choi.

Frankly, the fact that most of board games use a board and checkers makes the process of developing this game extremely similar to the process of developing of other games such as “Tic-tac-toe,” and “Connect Four.”

I used ‘O’, and ‘X’ to represent the checkers and used Java built-in method to represent the board. I did not need to produce any extra images, since I could get them from Java.

The left picture is taken from Google.

[Requirement] Five in a row

Hello, I am the game developer Wonjohn Choi.
The game I will develop today is an Asian, traditional, board game called “Five in a row.”
If you are not familiar with the game, check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five_in_a_Row_(game).
Basically, two players play the game and one wins when its five checkers connect in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
There are many complex rules in this game, but I decided to develop it for the beginners, so users do not need to worry about any other rules governing the game.
Here is the general information:
  • Requirement: The extent to which two players can play “Five in a row” against each other. Graphic User Interface will be implemented and only basic rule (connect five!) will be used.
  • Project Manager/Leader: Wonjohn Choi
  • Designer: Wonjohn Choi
  • Programmer: Wonjohn Choi
  • QA (Quality assurance): Wonjohn Choi
  • Programming Language: Java