Hello I am Wonjohn Choi.


By the name, it is easy to guess that the new software is a calculator (yes, it is). But, this calculator is actually an android version of “Equation Calculator“!

Language: Java with Device API version is 8 (Android 2.2)

screenshot of Q_Calc

screenshot of Q_Calc

As I do not have any smartphone, I had to use Android Virtual Machine, which is extremely slow, especially on my laptop computer.

The logic is very similar to the “Equation Calculator” and GUI is very simple (Button, EditText, TextView).

I am going to upload the project files (including source codes) for people who want to learn from this software. Check downloads page.

Any updates will be posted here.


About Wonjohn Choi
Hello, I am a software developer Wonjohn Choi. I live in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and study at a school called St. Francis Xavier Secondary School. My core interests include Math, Computer Science, and Engineering. Thank you.

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