[Design] Pentris


This class will extend JPanel and will be used to manage blocks in pentris board. Each block will be made by JButton. Also, this class will receive two integer variables to set the size of the board.

For “Only Tetris” mode, the board size will be 10*20.

For “Tetris+Pentris” or “Pentris” mode, the board size will be 20*20 because it’s much harder.


A model class for every piece.


A class to choose modes (“Only Tetris,” “Tetris + Pentris,” “Only Pentris”)


A class to manage the whole game.

This class should include Timer, Board.java, TetrisPieces.java, PentrisPieces.java, Level Option

**Other classes/functions will be added in future if necessary


About Wonjohn Choi
Hello, I am a software developer Wonjohn Choi. I live in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and study at a school called St. Francis Xavier Secondary School. My core interests include Math, Computer Science, and Engineering. Thank you.

One Response to [Design] Pentris

  1. If you’d like some inspiration, here’s my implementation of Pentris (it’s open source): http://code.google.com/p/pentris/

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