[Requirement] Go (Board Game)

Due to my Canadian friends who play “Go,” the Asian game each other, I was inspired to develop the game in Java.

Go (Board Game) from Google Image Search

Go (Board Game) from Google Image Search

As I have developed many original/existing board games like “Tic-Tac-Toe,” “Five in a Row,” “Connect Four,” and “Fill Thirty Six,” the general board will be easy to make. However, I think making my board looks like a real Go board will be a difficult part. AI and Network Connect might or might not be implemented.

Game: Go (Board Game)

Programming Language: Java

Developer: Wonjohn Choi


About Wonjohn Choi
Hello, I am a software developer Wonjohn Choi. I live in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and study at a school called St. Francis Xavier Secondary School. My core interests include Math, Computer Science, and Engineering. Thank you.

One Response to [Requirement] Go (Board Game)

  1. Sam says:

    Hi. I have to create a game of GO that runs on a PC, can you help me with that?

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