Recently I wrote some online sample tests and realized that those tests do not limit the test time for me.

Hence I needed a stopwatch and one from was quite useful.

But since both the stopwatch and the online tests were displayed on an internet browser (Google Chrome), I had to switch between the two sites during the test. You know… switching between two websites while concentrating on problems… is really inconvenient. That’s why I spent today’s lunch and made one that always stays at the top of the computer screen! Here is the screenshot:

Stopwatch by Wonjohn Choi

Stopwatch by Wonjohn Choi

As always I will put this software (and the sourcecode) to the Download section to share, so feel free to use it 🙂

If it is not convenient/useful enough for you, please take a stop to explain why at Request section.


Wonjohn Choi

Version 2

In this new version,

  • Watch to show the current time is added