[Maintenance] Button Calculator

Hello, I am developer Wonjohn Choi.

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[Implementation] Button Calculator

Button Calculator

Button Calculator

So, this is the completed calculator!

Although this might look similar to the default Windows Calculator, this has more functions!

To develop this simple calculator, I used only a Java class, which extends JFrame.

To the frame, I added two features: JTextField and JPanel.

JTextField was adequate to hold the output screen and JPanel was used to hold the buttons (JButton).

Also, for each and every button, ActionListener was added to react to user’s mouse clicks.

With those Java objects, I built up Graphic User Interface of the calculator.

I would like to skip the logic part as it is too straightforward (come on! it is too simple calculator).

In future, I would like to develop a calculator that computes a whole equation with brackets instead of using buttons.

[Requirement] Button Calculator

Hello, I am software developer Wonjohn Choi.
What we are going to make now is a calculator.
This calculator will be a really simple calculator called “Button Calculator.”
Here is the general information.
  • Requirement: Calculator will contain buttons: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, (.), +, -. *, /, =, ^, sin, cos, asin, acos, tan, atan, sqrt, cbrt, PI, E. Whenever an user clicks a button, a value is calculated. This calculator does not support calculating an equation. For example, if user clicks 169 and sqrt, calculator will directly give 13 as output.
  • Project Manager/Leader: Wonjohn Choi
  • Designer: Wonjohn Choi
  • Programmer: Wonjohn Choi
  • QA (Quality assurance): Wonjohn Choi
  • Programming Language: Java