[Maintenance] Connect Four

Connect Four Screenshot

Connect Four Screenshot

Hello, I am a G.Y.G.D. developers Wonjohn Choi.

The left picture is the screen shot of “Connect Four” I developed.

This game satisfied the requirement, but will be maintained and improved.

Please Download the game and enjoy!


Update August 17, 2009:

Connect FourV2

Connect FourV2

  • The heavy red and black rectangular images were taken out.
  • Instead, ‘O’ and ‘X’ texts are used to mark each section.
  • The message that comes out at the end changed in terms of its content and the way Java shows the message.
  • The size of the file halved from this update.
  • Updated file will be added to the SourceForge.net.

[Implementation] Connect Four

Hello, I am a G.Y.G.D. developer Wonjohn Choi.

Continuing from the previous “Connect Four” articles, I explain how to do “Implementation” for the traditional game “Connect Four.”

When I first considered how I will implement this game, three things came up in my mind: I need engine, graphic (gui), and sensor (mouse click).

Then, I realized that in engine, I needed to evaluate the status of the game (winning, draw, or playing) and need to calculate the spots where players can put their checkers.

Also, for graphic aka GUI, I wanted to make a simple user interface in which players can see the graphical 7*6 grids.

Finally, for mouse click sensor, I used “MouseListener” built-in interface of Java for each and every 42 sections of the grid to recognize which section is clicked by user.

[Design] Connect Four

A picture of Connect Four

Picture of "Connect Four" taken from Wikipedia.

Hello, I am the G.Y.G.D developer Wonjohn Choi. Continuing from the “[Requirement] Connect Four” article, I am now designing the game “Connect Four”.

From an example picture of “Connect Four” taken from Wikipedia, I realized that I will need 6*7 grid and two different-colored, but same-sized rectangle images.

Using the “Paint” software built in Windows, I can easily create two black and red rectangles.

For the grid, I really want to make it simple: I will simply create 6*7 grids using black lines, which can be created by built-in Java methods.

In the article “[Implementation] Connect Four,” I am going to explain the logic behind the game and source codes.

[Requirement] Connect Four

Hello, I am the game developer Wonjohn Choi.
Today, I am planning to develop the traditional, but popular game called “Connect Four.”
Here is the general information:
  • Requirement: The extent to which two players can play “Connect Four” against each other. Graphic Interface will be implemented.
  • Project Manager/Leader: Wonjohn Choi
  • Designer: Wonjohn Choi
  • Programmer: Wonjohn Choi
  • QA (Quality assurance): Wonjohn Choi
  • Programming Language: Java