This page will be used for

  • requesting new softwares to G.Y.G.D. developers
  • reporting any bugs on developed softwares

Contact yojo1000(AT)


6 Responses to Request

  1. Rollen D'Souza says:

    Bug Report
    Concerning Pentris(+Tetris) V1 Game

    – There should be an option to return back to the main menu after playing Tetris and/or Pentris.

    – Playing Both? [explain, not really a bug but just…confusion?]

    I’ll Send more in as i continue going … do have a licence on this right?


    • Wonjohn Choi says:

      Thank you for suggestions!!
      I just finished making yesterday (building up whole program from the beginning, tough process). I am not sure how to register for a licence. Can you tell me in detail?

      • Rollen D'Souza says:

        Licensing (when it comes to open source) is just a matter of putting a readme with a statement saying “by using this product you agree to _______ licence” … and then placing the licence details file in the same directory.

        I would use the GNU GPL (General Public Licence) – it’s usually good enough – but if you wish to look up more

        And i can imagine the part of building it as an exe must have been…fun!

      • Wonjohn Choi says:

        Thank Rollen!!
        I used Jsmooth to convert jar to exe.

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